Training Courses

Get individual or team based training through a wide range of certified and custom training courses on Agile, Scrum and DevOps to build the skills you need for your success.

Scrum Training Courses

If you are looking to introduce, reboot or refresh Scrum in your teams or for particular roles within your organization, check out our offering of certified courses: 

We additionally offer licensed Scrum training classes, that can provide you with general Scrum fundamentals and practices for particular Scrum roles.

Scrum and DevOps Training Courses

If you want to learn how the Scrum Framework should be combined with modern DevOps engineering practices, like code reviews, continuous delivery and automated testing, to improve a team’s capability to regularly deliver working software, check out our Scrum and DevOps training courses.

DevOps Training Courses with Azure DevOps

If you are looking to gain knowledge on newest DevOps practices and tools in order to shorten your development cycles, increase your deployment frequency, and faster your time to market, check our portfolio of DevOps training courses that leverage Azure DevOps, Azure and Visual Studio, one of the world's most efficient DevOps enablement toolsets provided by Microsoft.

We can help you train your teams on foundational DevOps practices like agile project management with Azure Boards, code reviews based on git pull requests in Azure Repos, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) with automated testing implemented in Azure Pipelines, and assuring quality and gathering feedback with Azure Test Plans.

Jumpstart your DevOps transformation by building solid foundations in terms of team member knowledge and capabilities with our DevOps training courses with Azure DevOps.

Custom Training Courses

Are you are looking for training related to specific topics under the umbrella of Agile frameworks, like Scrum and Kanban? Do you need to get your team's hands on more advanced DevOps practices and tools?

We can work together with you to develop and deliver a custom class or training course that best suits the needs of your teams and your organization.