Consulting and Implementations

Consulting Services

Most organizations understand the potential benefits of adopting new practices and tools but are hindered by many decisions they need to take and changes they need to implement. External expertise can help them get started more quickly and continuously steer them in the right direction on their transformational journey.


Our experts have over 20 years of experience in professional software development. They have played different roles within traditional and Scrum development teams for more than ten years. They have been in the shoes of software developers, solution architects, database developers, team leads, testers, product managers/product owners, and scrum masters.

In parallel, they started leveraging their knowledge and experience to consult, train, and coach teams and organizations of different sizes on using Azure DevOps, TFS, and Agile/Scrum to improve their development processes. They facilitated transformations from traditional into agile practices and from loosely coupled development toolsets into integrated DevOps platforms that support end-to-end traceability and fast feedback loops.


With such solid hands-on development background and years of consulting and training expertise in Agile, Scrum, and DevOps practices and tools, they can help you understand your most significant opportunities and discover your immediate needs. In addition, they can spend time onsite working closely with appointed teams and individuals within your company to assess your entire value stream. Asking the right questions at all organizational levels will uncover possible roadmaps for your journey to adopting Agile and DevOps.

As part of the assessment, they can deliver a backlog of actionable improvements that contains short, mid, and long-term improvements to people practices and engineering processes and tools. You own this backlog, and therefore you can choose the order in which changes will get implemented and the realistic pace of transformation your company can absorb.


Further involvement of our experts is subject to your current state and your ability to drive changes alongside your regular work activities.

Getting started is often the most challenging part of a transformation. Based on expertise in implementing processes and tools, our experts can help you overcome initial challenges and quickly bootstrap short-term improvements within your teams and their working environments.

You need to introduce changes at a sustainable pace in the long run. You can balance between fully engaging our experts to implement particular improvements and letting them transfer knowledge to your employees and enable them to implement changes independently.

Ultimately, we will make a joint effort to build cross-functional teams with an enhanced skill set on your side that can further support your ongoing adoption of Agile and DevOps.