Suggested Reading for Scrum Practitioners

Suggested Reading for Scrum Practitioners

The Scrum Guide 2020 notes 2 important facts:

"The Scrum Guide contains the definition of Scrum. Each element of the framework serves a specific purpose that is essential to the overall value and results realized with Scrum."
"As Scrum is being used, patterns, processes, and insights that fit the Scrum framework as described in this document, may be found, applied and devised. Their description is beyond the purpose of the Scrum Guide because they are context sensitive and differ widely between Scrum uses. Such tactics for using within the Scrum framework vary widely and are described elsewhere."

Intentionally being a lightweight document of just 13 pages, the Scrum Guide leaves a lot of space for (mis)interpretations of Scrum elements and the need to apply many different complementary tools and practices that help you actually do the work leveraged by the Scrum Framework.

This is why we decided to share a list of blog posts, whitepapers, videos, and books, that can help you build a deep understanding of various topics and prepare for certifications.

Suggested Reading for Scrum Practitioners

We use these resources as reliable sources of additional knowledge and practices ourselves and hope you will find them valuable as well.