Q&A Intensive Scrum Course

Q&A Intensive Scrum Course

The Applying Professional Scrum class on 16-17 March 2023 was very intensive, thanks to the variety of student experiences and professional backgrounds. We had some experienced Scrum Masters, professional leadership coaches, software development professionals, copyright professionals, recruiters, and marketing people. Therefore, our Q&A board got filled with questions already at the course beginning and questions kept coming during the entire course!

We covered all the basic questions like:

  • Can the Sprint Backlog be changed?
  • How to facilitate productive Sprint Reviews in Scrum? 
  • How to define a clear Product Goal?

And we went deep into the discussion around many more complex topics like:

  • Should a Scrum Master remind the Product Owner to fulfill their accountabilities? 
  • How to win over non-Scrum teams and make them embrace Scrum?
  • How Scrum helps in organizing meetings?

Once again, we were a happy customer of the Mozaik-Group, which provided all logistics needed for training and a very delicious lunch!

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