Scrum Course for Scrum Masters and Scrum Teams

Scrum Course for Scrum Masters and Scrum Teams

Would you like to invest two days in learning Scrum?

Attend our live Applying Professional Scrum training course in March in Zagreb in Croatian to:

  • Master the essential Scrum Framework elements: You will finally understand what your company and your teammates expect from you in Scrum, who is accountable and what they are accountable for, who does what and when, who leads, and who follows.
  • Practice real-life Scrum: You will work in a Scrum Team and build a real product in a series of laboratory sprints during the course. 
  • Get answers to all your questions: Together, we will clarify all misunderstandings about applying Scrum to your environment by means of our Q&A board.
  • Start preparing for the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification: You will get precise instructions on how to best prepare for the exam.

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Register for the class 16-17 March 2023.