Applying Agile to the Web Development Agency Model

Applying Agile to the Web Development Agency Model

Are you tired of online? It's time for the real thing :)

We are presenting a full-day workshop Applying Agile to the Web Development Agency Model at Web Summer Camp 2021 🌅🌞in Šibenik, Croatia, on Friday 3rd September.  

We'll explain why and how modern web development and digital agencies can benefit from implementing agile principles and practices to ensure continuous business value delivery, high visibility of progress, improved control of risks, and better ability to adapt to changing requirements. t is a combination of theory, discussions, and hands-on exercises, targeted to anyone working or collaborating with web development or digital agencies: agency owners, sales agents, key account managers, project and product managers, various stakeholders, designers, and all team members. It is a perfect introduction for those new to agile principles and practices. At the same time, it can help them reboot or refresh their current agile processes. We plan to present the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Business Agility

  2. Agile Product Management

  3. Leading Agile Product Development

  4. Most Commonly Used Agile Frameworks: Scrum and Kanban

  5. Assorted Agile Development Practices

  6. Web Development Agency Powered by Scrum and Kanban - Case Study

Treat yourself for the end of the summer with a good, old-style, in-person event!