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How to Prepare for the
Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF)
Training Course

Course Overview

For detailed information about the course please visit the page Professional Scrum Foundations Training - PSF.

Technical Prerequisites for Online Classes

Please ensure you are meeting following technical prerequisites when atteding an online class:

  • You are taking part in an interactive hands-on course so please have a computer at your disposal.
  • Screen size matters. Though you can run the training on a typical laptop, it is advised to use a large screen especially for Mural exercises.
  • Please ensure you have a good internet connection. We recommend using a wired instead of wireless connection if possible.
  • You need to have a high-quality camera. Make sure to have sufficient lighting so that everybody can see you well.
  • You need to have headphones with microphone which help to keep the background noise to a minimum. Try to find a quiet space.
  • We will be communicating and sharing screens and video all the times. Be prepared to actively participate, share screen and present some of the exercises.

Tools and Environments for Online Classes

Please get acquainted with following environments we will be using during the course:

Case Study

All instructions and tools for working on the case study will be provided during the course.

Getting Familiar with Scrum

No particular knowledge is required. We recommend to study the Scrum Guide in advance.

You will additionally make most out of this course if you:

Please Bring Your Questions

Do you already have any questions about solving complex problems using Scrum? Please bring all of them and they will get answered during the training!